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Tuesday, July 26, 2005 at 8:44 AM

The Mayor of Lexington Avenue

FYI, my book is now online. Use the link below to read the first three chapters:

Preview Mayor

Looking forward to plenty of feedback.

Blogger Robert Rufa said...

What a marvelously compelling, heart-rending first novel. Congratulations, and keep it up. You ARE a writer!



Blogger Maria Varecka said...

"Mayor" is the first book in a long time that I could not put down. Living in NY and taking the subway, I actually got annoyed when my stop came up. The characters became my friends; Rudy - what can I say? When you finish a book and you're still thinking about it two days after you read the last word, that's saying something!!! When is the next book coming out?  


Anonymous Judy Flynn said...

I am in the middle of reading The Mayor of Lexington Avenue and I am very moved by the wonderful characters. I am recommending this moving story to all my friends! Thank you for sharing your creation with us all.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More, please. I hated to put it down, couldn't wait to get back to it and was sorry when it was over.

What a great movie this would make. I laid awake last night fantasizing about which actors should play each character.  


Anonymous Lynn Morgan U.K. said...

I was moved to write this after just finishing the book. I was astonished to find this was his first book and then very disappointed that I couldnt get the next book of his straight away. A really exciting talent.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my name is jerome,i am a book seller at paris,le prince de lexington avenue on belfond is great, i'll do the best seller in my book store. You are a good writer!!!
Jerome Toledano,librairie les cyclades,Paris  


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